Thursday, September 22, 2005

Obituary - Thanks to KayRay for the link

I was really almost going to go to this fellow's memorial service... then I determined that there was a small chance it was for real. So I chickened out.

Apparently the picture caught KayRay's eye as she was flipping through the obits on Sunday. Understandable, once you see it. And if you are a little squeamish about finding humor in an obit... I'll have to tell you about the funniest dead animal I ever saw. Next time. If you ask for it. (and BirthdayTwin, you know I'm talking to you.)


P-Dogg said...

"It is the neverness that is so painful."


Good find, Shuwon. You should go, could be interesting. Just don't forget your bong.

onlyaymie said...

I may have spent too much time on this but...

(scroll down)


shrooms might be a good thing to take too...