Friday, August 06, 2010

Lil' baby, upon her fifth monthiversary

As she sits on my lap, squirming, i think it is a good idea to note some of changes in our little fiona jade's life recently:

Rolling over - she's had the ability for a while now to roll over when mad (or furious, as the case may be.) But this has only recently been updated (with Mom's help, of course) to being able to roll over, more or less regularly, from front to back as well as the converse. We're not talking more than once every five minutes or so, but the frequency of this is only likely to increase, so we are taking it as a win. Bald spot on back of Fi's head - take note; your days are numbered! Bald spot on the back of Daddy's head - not so much. (Plus side :it probably has stopped growing. Negative side: because it's run out of real estate. )

Sleeping - We've been using the Halo Swaddling sleepsacks, and I think it's probably about time for us to upgrade. (they are rated from 6-12 pounds, and at over 13 lbs she's getting tall enough that she has to do froggy pose to sleep thru the night. We tried upgrading her to an arms-free, non-velcroed one night-before-last, and went in an hour later to find her, inconsolable, having rolled over onto her face, in the corner of the crib. So - back to the small sack for now. On the flip side, Daddy was able to handle a night-time cry all by himself (yes, Dug, like a big boy.) I thought it was just a need for a pacifier, but the bottle of water ended up doing the trick. Yay for self-sufficiency, yay for better dentist bills down the road!

Daycare - Today is LN's first day back at work, and, understandably, she's a little stressed and sad. i mean, who *wouldn't* want to get to spend all day with the most cutest and advanced little girl out there? On the other hand - i imagine a certain satisfaction in getting to watch math training and school safety videos instead of Dora the Explora & Yo Gabba Gabba! So anyone out there who sees her, cut her a little slack today. Meanwhile, I've ended up making the bottles, and will be taking Fi to her new weekday home.

Speaking of which- one last bottle for the road, so i must be off!

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