Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am a flower, delicate and precious

So - learned about one of my foibles (maybe my only one) this morning - I am not as butch as I think I am. With school starting back up, the household has been going through some scheduling changes. LN has to get up and at 'em in time to feed the baby, walk the dog, shower, and be out the door by 7 AM. She has started out this year by setting her alarm in the fives. [[Side note here - as opposed to Jody, the only times that any grownup in this house has seen a time starting with 5 in the AM are a) after a LONG weekend night of video games, in my wayward youth, or b) at 2:30, looking at the clock in the mirror. ]]

So - Monday morning, I gradually woke up to a teeny tiny stream of light, like what starts to come in at 6:30 (still early, but not RIDICULOUSLY early. ) When LN came back into the bedroom, I asked what time it was, thinking it might be time to get up. "4:30," she replied. Somehow, she had ended up waking herself up at *4* - TOO EARLY. And the stream of light from under the bathroom door, or (as i learned this AM) from the closet, or even reflected down the hall is apparently too much for my pore widdle sweepiness. I find myself unable to get back to the business of sleeping, no matter how tired I may be. It is really just as well we have this acclimatization period before we get our schedules locked in - I might need LN to add tucking me in to her morning schedule.

Example the second: I like being barefoot. I tend to walk about outside, even in summer, with the cool breezes running through the hairs on my big toes. Growing up on Sullivan's Island, I was even able to make it most of the way to the beach in summer with only a few hops from the asphalt to the painted line down the middle of the street (always smoother, and about 20 degrees cooler.) So why is it that twice in the last 2 weeks I have ended up with what I have not-so-affectionately begun to call 'dog hair splinters'?? I mean, it's almost like a needle, poking at ya poking at ya, just making me limp around for no good reason. Hmm - as an example that a) nothing new is under the sun, and b) The Google knows all, at this time there are 415 K links for that search.

So yeah - Long story short, I wanted you all to know I am aware that I am the very model of a manly man. And knowing is half the battle.


Marcos said...

Holy crap, you blogged something!

I'm sure I speak for your entire readership when I say that I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find that you are anything less than a paragon of macho manliness. :)

As for the waking up thing: eyemasks work.

Sean said...

Yes, Markie - I think that wearing an eyemask will help raise my manliness ratio.

(i've found the ones with the icepack can help reduce the bags under my eyes.) 0_o

Scarlett said...

Yes, Marco(s) speaks for us all.


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