Friday, March 06, 2009

Sean's Hawaii Trip - Day 2.

OK - this is the second (and, as it turns out, FINAL) verbal history of my work trip to Hawaii. I am not sure why I stopped being verbal at this point, but do know that I did take a boatload of pictures. Those will be uploaded anon. Or, possibly, day after anon.


OK – here’s a picture of my day.

Um. Here's a VERBAL picture of my day. Started off a little slowly. Sandy had asked me to give her a call when I got moving in the AM, and I did. Was pleasantly surprised to wake up, sans alarm, at 6:58 AM. Yay, for getting rid of jet lag. I asked her if she wanted to do the breakfast buffet at the hotel (I have a deal for 16 bucks, which I think that I will take advantage of. At some point.) But she said, no, lunch at a local hang-out, which sounded like exactly what I was hoping for. That meant no breakfast for me – so it was back to the ABC. (of which there are at least 20 in my neck of the woods.) So, for breakfast, I ended up having something deLICIOUS. OK, not really THAT delicious. But the fresh pineapple and spam musabi. They DO love their spam.

See photo documtation below:

(ASIDE) OK – weird video on the telly. It’s a Dave Matthews video, where a brunette Julia Roberts with dreds is getting chased by a faceless guy. And Dave is creepily watching her. And many black guys are helpful to her, including at least one without a shirt making her breakfast. That seems very unsanitary. Especially if he is cooking bacon. OUCHOUCHOUCH

(UN-ASIDE) Went down to the hot tub about eight thirty. There were a bunch of couples there, two middle aged couples from Montana, three army looking kids (ok, maybe they were early 20’s) with Japanese girlfriends, and one older middle-age drunk guy. When the Japanese girls got back, the drunk guy completely tried to hit on them. And I am really surprised that the guys didn’t just kick his ass. But they eventually left, and, after telling us all how lucky we were, he left. And then went down to the pool. And stripped out of his suit. In front of the four middle school cheerleaders in the pool. Stay classy, drunky-drunk – stay classy.

There was a navy lady in town for a Conference, as well; conference topic was updating naval procedures. Or something. She seemed nice, and was from Virginia Beach – we’ll see if we see her again.

Very tired now – see ya in the AM

Spoiler alert - we didn't see her again.

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