Friday, March 06, 2009

Pretend it's a month ago - sean on flight to honolulu

On trip to Florida - I've plugged back in the laptop, and found two posts almost lost in the cyberspace. I'll go ahead and show you what I was feeling, on the way out to the islands. I'll likely follow this up with how I am feeling NOW, as well as with some Facebook & Flikr uploads, so, lucky you - Sean overload.
Stardate Feb 7, 1:13 PM, OK – the inflight magazine lied. We were supposed to see – (brief pause while I figure out exactly what we were supposed to see.) As it turns it out, I figured out in that brief intermission that *I* was wrong. They started out with a Tyler Perry movie – first time that I have seen one of those. The Family That Preys Together. Mildly interesting – I have seen better – it was not necessarily as good as the same story would have been on an afterschool special. For grownups. Teaching you not to chat on your loved ones, even if you are rich. Otherwise you will get beat down, unless you are Madea. Wait - wrong movie.

Had jambalaya for lunch-fest. It was tasty. Suprisingly(?) so. Wall-E is on right now. More difficuly to see because one guy on the left side of the plane has his window down so he can read his paper. Hop hop hooray. Outside Albequrque, but don’t see Bugs Bunny at all.

The audio at my chair is mono, too. So that is awesome. On the other hand, I am borrowing Mom’s noise-canceling headphones, so THAT is awesome too. (one of those may have been sarcastic - not sure which, tho) (but that might have been sarcastic too... very confusing.) (OR IS IT) (nope) ((ANYWAY) They work pretty well at getting rid of most of the ambient aircraft noise. I will have to see how they work with sound coming into both earphones, just not on this flight.

OK – time to do a little bit of work. Probably. Talk at you in a minute.

Or two. Watched Wall-E. Still a good movie. Harder to just listen to while working, of course. Some of the funniest silent movie moments I have seen. 3 PM now. Can’t really see out of the window, and the screen isn’t showing us where we are. Must be because we are over the water.

OK – I ask (secretly) and I shall receive. We’re right between San Francisco and San Jose. (which, swear to god, I spelled Hose the first time.) Wish I could say hi to Red – wait, I can. It’s just time-shifted a little. I’m only 10 miles away from you now, Red- unless you are on vacation somewhere. Anyhoo. We’re almost halfway.
4:25 hours in, and 4:50 to go. Or something. Hmm.. not sure how this works, but
we have a tailwind now. 33 MPH. I thought the winds went the other way?

Anyhoo. I am going to take one more lttle break. We’re hitting some turbulence, and I want to use the rest of this batteries life on more important stuff, like work. (J’skiddin, Pipsquirt- want to save some battery life for later. Not sure why.)

OK – 5 PM. Just saw Ghost Town, with Ricky Gervais. His humor (or humour, I suppose) remains one of my favorites. His acting, however, sometimes is over the top. This was a good movie – at least 5 times better than the Tyler Perry movie. That was likely because of Tea Leone, tho. Never understood why she ended up with Mulder; I agree with what MNO said, he was always a little too mush-mouthy for me. I’ll have to go ahead and list her as one of my favorites. Who else is on that list, you ask? (or rather, I pretend that you ask?) Well, Jennifer Anniston has to remain on that list, where’s she’s been since at least the first season of Friends. Jenna Finch (Pam from the American version of “The Office” has turned out to be a remarkably sympathetic character, but I don’t think that has pushed her into my top five. I know that will be a huge disappointment for her.

We’ve got at least three more hours, and are 1060 miles away from San Fran. I wonder if we get another round of food. Apparently six point five hours since we left, and now we have a little less than three remaining. Teeny screen tells me we have a
headwind of 55 mph (now THIS is what I was expecting on the way TO Hawaii.)

Getting to hear some Death Cab for Cutie on Delta Radio Channel 12 -> I think that I like them. Might have to leap up if one of my bookends were to get up à if that happens I will let you know later. I feel like I want to get up, but I don’t want to irritate them more than necessary. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the young lady who has been asleep the whole time takes this opportunity. BRB

But sadly(?) I never was heard from again.

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