Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh yeah. THAT'S why I stopped listening to Boortz...

Two bits from his Nealz Nuze this week:

Murtha also complained about people calling the Democratic Party the "cut and run" party. For years now...going back to the 2004 presidential election, Democrat after Democrat has proposed cutting and running. Well ... they
don't exactly call it cutting and running, they've come up with a fancy word
that covers the true meaning. The Defeatocrats call it "redeployment."

First .. Iraq is a mess. No doubt about it. ... Just a question here .. nothing more ... but could it possibly be time to put more effort into protecting our culture and our country from the Islamic fascists, and less effort into trying to democratize Iraq?

God, he's such a cutter and runner. I mean, it's pretty clear that if you aren't for us 100 percent, you're against us. And only a Defeatocrat would want to redeploy. (But seriously - the next DAY he begins to question this?)

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P-Dogg said...

Ah - he's just falling prey to all the hypocrisy that is American Politics. It's like an infection or something - noone has any nutz any more.

Meanwhile I tune into Sports Talk radio for my listening pleasure...

OGRE said...

Actually, he isn't calling for leaving Iraq. He just wants to bomb them until until there is nothing left but barren sand, then come home. He just doesn't like being over there and doing nothing.