Monday, April 17, 2006

Sean's CRAAAAAAA-ZY neighbors

Dear Diary -

I'm sorry that I've been away so long. It's not you, it's me. Or rather, it's a combination of waaaay too much work and ummm... other things?

Anyhoo - things going well for me, for the most part. Wanted to give you a seasonal update of my life. You may remember me moving last spring? Well - it was Easter two weeks or so after I moved in, and my family came to visit. Imagine my Mom's reaction when she saw the dinosaur down the street.

"What dinosaur," you rightfully ask. "This one," I respond.

"Oooooooh... and all dolled up for Easter, too!" (for whatever reason his ears are on crooked. But I do love the basket. Last year it was filled with eggs.) I have wanted to stop by and tell them that I love their chutzpah - but haven't done it yet. maybe next year? Closer look below.


Adriennealine said...

That's hilarious! I once had neighbors that put one of those blow-up santas in their yard and the light inside fell over so he looked like santa with a glowing crotch.
Check it out!
Quite amuzing! I love the "Easter Raptor," just fantabulous!

P-Dogg said...

Wow its like a trip back to the Jurassic. With pastel eggs.

tres cool.

Is this the 'Spring Bunny' that I've heard about?

*must stop sniffing glue*