Thursday, April 06, 2006

Alternate Lost Credits

Over a year ago, when Lost first came on the scene, Everbabe said: "Sean, you *have* to see this show. It is really cool, and has the weirdest credits that I think I have ever seen." Well, I went over, plopped down in front of Tivo, and, rubbing my hands together in anticipation, started to watch.

And sat back, bemused. As the only credits I saw was the word "Lost" in white zooming in from a black background.

Apparently, EverBabe isn't a watcher of credits, or she has a *really* low bar. {grin}

Anyhoo - The link above is, I think, what she was talking about. (Salon might make you watch an ad, but it's worth it.)

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Jody says:

Yeah, I don't know what kinda drugs I was doing. All I can think of is that I thought the opening scene with the air crash was part of the credits.