Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random Thoughts, Post Trivia Edition

--> Got back from seeing SeanJr Jr. He's the cutest little squished face giant baby I've ever seen. At least that I've ever seen on day 0 of his outbound life. I think that all of us will once again believe in the giant babies we see on TV trying to pass as newborns now. Mom was in great shape (apparently, the epidural is the way to go - who knew?) and Dad was sweet enough to get me an "I'm an Uncle" pin that I'll be wearing all week. Although I definitely think of *myself* as Uncle Sean, it's nice that SuperMark thought of me that way (or at least got me the pin.) It probably doesn't hurt him to be magnaminous, though, as he has, once again, ended up with not only a clone of himself, but indeed, a clone of SeanJr. I'll have to be sure be the uncle that gets them the absolutely matching sweaters, as *someone* has to traumatize them.

--> When I moved into my house approximately one year ago, I needed the standard necessities. That, combined with my love affair with all things Costco, led to the following purchases (remember, these are all Costco sized):

2 large boxes of dishwashing detergent
1 large box of laundry detergent
12 giant rolls of paper towels
36 rolls of toilet paper
18 bars of soap
6 tubes of toothpaste

And finally a Dollar store bottle of shampoo

At the time, I offered odds as to which of these I would run out of first. KayRay mentioned that a friend of hers in a similar situation *thought* the TP would go first - but mercy's name if the soap didn't bite the dust. (it could have been a combo of the fact that said friend was a guy that lowered consumption of one and raised consumption of the other... but I digress.) As it happens, I haven't gone through one CU (Costco Unit) of anything *yet*, but this reminded me of something else. Since Halloween I've been shaving my head semi-regularly. This has forced me to buy my first can of shaving cream in over 15 years. Which leads me to the following, o so different question: "What substance mentioned above does it suck the WORST if it get's into your eyes?" Will answer in a later post - prize to those who guess right.

--> At trivia tonight at the Ale House, Team Derek left after the first quarter. I stuck around, and met a pretty young thing (massage therapist, apparently has Chakras.) I tried to tell her about the international sign for 'rub my back' (As Red knows, it involves shrugging your shoulders and looking plaintive; try it at work!). So, we may have someone else to keep you semi-informed about. Or not. Either way - we'll be back at Trivia next Tues.

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Anonymous said...

"What substance mentioned above does it suck the WORST if it get's into your eyes?"

Depends on the brand of laundry detergent - if it's something powdered, perfumed and chemically, then that. Otherwise I'm saying dishwasher detergent, as it contains scrubbing agents (read: grit).

Tony V.