Saturday, July 30, 2005

Random Musings From My Trip to the Beach...

... will come later. Right now, I want to complain about my hiccups.

Oh, Lorda Mercy. I don't think that I have ever had hiccups as long as I have right now. Jeebus. {hic}I started to put in a {hic}hic {hic}{hic}{hic}every ti{hic}me that I hicc{hic}up.


Anyway - it started about {hic}9 PM last night, as {hic}we were leaving Putt-putt {hic}(a family tradition {hic}at Panama City Beach.) {hic}It continued at {hic}least 4 hours, un{hic}til I was asleep, with my {hic}sleep apnea {hic}machine on. 10{hic} minutes after I went {hic}to bed, laying {hic}down, trying to {hic}get them to leave via sheer will power, they stopped. {hic}
They were {hic}gone when I {hic}woke up, {hic}but returned around {hic}9 AM this morning. I re{hic}ally don't know if I {hic}woke {hic}myself up with them or not, but I do know that I wirsh that {hic}I didn't have them. {hic}
BOOGER - this SUXORS. {hic}Anyhoo - being away from my {hic}computer - nay, *all* {hic}Interweb {hic}access, I went ahead {hic}and did what I always do in this situation. {hic}Call Ever{hic}Babe. {hic}And found out that she's been {hic}plague-ridden her{hic}self this week. {hic}. {hic}. But luckily she had enough {hic}{hic}stamina to go the the Webernet and lo{hic}ok up hiccups, cure of. {hic}Which she did. Spoonful of sugar. {hic} Hold breath until I pass out. {hic} Breathe into a paper bag. {hic} Well, haven't done that yet.{hic} Still mig{hic}ht. {hic}Man.
According to WebMD,{hic}though, the answer in most home remedies lies in {hic} increasing the carbon dioxide {hic} in the blood. {hic} Which makes sense {hic} for everything but the {hic} the sugar. {hic} I am going to try the holding of {hic}my breath right now to see {hic} how it does. {hic} That's {hic} VERY HARD TO DO{hic}.

So, when I got {hic}to the {hic} hotel tonight, I went ahead{hic} and looked it up on the {hic}Webatron. On WebMD. {hic} Click here if you are curious. {hic}{hic} I learned that if they last {hic} another day, they are {hic} Persistant hiccups. {hic} Then they turn into {hic} Intractable {hic} hiccups. {hic} Those can be a sign of {hic}a central nervous disorder{hic}, or mental pro{hic}blems. Make your {hic} own jokes there. {hic}

I'm gonna s{hic}top complaining, and{hic} hit the road. {hic} I'll fill you in {hic} later. {hic}
PS - as of midnight, they went away. Although they tried to sneak back in this morning, I think I took care of them. I went ahead and edited to fix spelling errors this morning.

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