Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pick up some chicks?!?

So tonight, Sneezey (or LoudBobby, as he's asked to be called) said: hey, let's drink a lot, as this is your last night on the job here in Southern Illinois. OK, I said. Cause I am easy that way. So we started at the Hampton Inn (his hotel - free drinks from 5 - 6:30.) [weird reality interlude - girl in bikini just walked by - too young, but hey - I hear that hell is nice this time of year.] He has a couple, I have a couple, then we head over to the the THREE FREE DRINKS A NIGHT INN I'm staying at - and split those. Then we head to the first of three bar/restaurants that were recommended to him by the cute girl working at the Hampton; 17th Street BBQ, Applebee's, and O'Charley's. (As you can probably tell, this is not a real 'homegrown' kind of town. Generica(Tm) Forever!)
So: we walked to the 17 Street, and had a beer: total sausage fest. Applebee's: the same. So I;'m like: let's check out the pool at Hampton, and call it a night. And LB's like: no no no, let's hit O'Charley's. CuteGirl said it, so it must be so. And I'm like, wouldn't you rather hit on CuteGirl at Hampton - no walking! And he's like ... well, I don't remember, but it must have been convincing, cause there I was, walking though a field to O'Charley's. {psigh} (Did I mention I was in middle of nowhere Illinois? And had been drinking?)
ANYhoo - long story short, I'm walking. And walking. And walking. As we approach the restaurant (after about 152 miles of walking,) I brush a bug from my arm. Only it doesn't brush. Oh; a tick. Gross. I give it the flick-to-oblivion and say to LoudBobby "Tick." He laughs a little, and we enter the restaurant. COMPLETE sausage fest - 1 girl, 9 guys. As LoudBobby said: Ratio like Georgia Tech. Heh. He orders a beer, I try to stay upright on a stool while drinking my water. Time passes. He gets a wierd look on his face as he brushes his leg. "Oh - I thought you were kidding."
"Nope." say I. He disposes of it in the bathroom, as do I with the one I find on my arm 10 minutes later. Grosser. I figure I either had 3 ticks on me, or one VERY determined, Terminator(TM) like one. I give LoudBobby some shit. He takes it well. We leave, only to be rained on. I look at LoudBobby. "What!?!" "Uh huh..." I reply.

Pick up chicks, pick up ticks. He was close. ;-) It was a good day.

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