Friday, April 01, 2005

If you've noticed all of the recent links here, it's cause of the "blog this" button on the Google toolbar. It's pretty cool, a way to automatically send (mostly) cool links directly to the blog, without even really trying very hard. Yay!

This next link in is direct response to Suzi's post about death & dying. Link to Suzi's post Suz: the one thing I didn't see you mention was the hypocrisy of Delay and Bush with respect to this issue, specifically as it relates to the laws they have signed. Link to stolen article from Digby

It really all (if not all, then a lot of it) boils down to money. Which is fine, in a world of limited resources, we all can't have everything, and money is the best way that we've come up with to determine how to distribute those resources. But comments like "valuing the culture of life' are disingenous. Once we've agreed that it's about 'protecting money', and not 'protecting life,' we can begin to have the real conversation.

It's like the old joke:
: Man to beautiful woman in bar: Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?
: Beautiful woman: Of course.
: Man: Will you sleep with me for a dollar?
: Beautiful woman: Of course not. What do you think I am-some kind of whore?
: Man: We've already established that. We're now just negotiating price.

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