Monday, November 22, 2004

OK - this is a comment i typed for the following question, found by clicking the {next blog} button at the top right of the page. Big Red Button

"I consider myself to be a very even-keeled person, and relatively difficult to piss off. However, being dismissed (especially rudely) is enough to make me go postal.

I sing in a community choir, and occasionally sit next to a prima-donna tenor. (I firmly believe that all choruses have the equivalent: somebody who is only in the group because of the solos that s/he gets, and who believes that the group would collapse into nothing withour his/her presence... you know that guy, right?)

Anyhoo... the most recent time that this button was pushed was about a month ago. I'm at rehearsal for the first time in a month, after 3 weeks in Southern Illinois. I'm using all my singing skillz, l33t as they were. He shhh'ed me, and waved his hands in my face. {Whoosh} Button pushed. I nearly hauled off & punched him in the nose.

Best definition of Big Red Button: "treat me like a kid"

(i'm in my frickin' 30's!) {grrr} (pisses me off just thinking about it.)

(because I try to have something at least a little fun in every post...
Scary Go Round I love this well drawn, if occasionally macabre, web comic. Perhaps it's all the girls in coffee-house glasses.... me-OW.

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