Friday, November 12, 2004

Veteran's Day Post


Currently, I am listening to BNL "Another Postcard." I'll find that link for you in a minute. It's a remarkably fun, quirky, and just plain silly song, that makes me happy. But seriously... its not how i should be feeling.

A & I are no longer, as of last night.

(it'll take a while to finish divying up our stuff, and my ass to hit the curb... but for the most part, it's over.)

There are only two thing that really make it a little better for it. (well, besides supportative friends and family, of course.)

1) Earlier in the day, sent me one of those: where the hey are you? emails. I (uncharacteristically) <> clicked on it... and found that my high school crush had FINALLY signed up for the service. It was apparently last year sometime (The fact that it took me this long to find that our is proof that i really didn't check religiously, I suppose.) It was good to a) find out that she wasn't dead, at least at the time of the update. and b) she apparently married her high school sweetie. Why is that good, you may (rightfully) ask? Well, because they were dating before I entered her life. Therefore, you get to continue the whole 'bad-timing', or 'i-was-realllly-close', or my favorite, 'cursed-by-the-gods'

2) the other thing, which (sadly) makes me feel as though i have power over this thing?
I have a history (long untested) of holidays being either really good, or really bad. A & I started going out (9 years ago) after a Halloween party.

Happy Veteran's Day, evvvvverybody!

Song that popped up as I was in the middle of number 1:

Indigo Girls (Kid Fears) Little more mood appropriate.

Edited - to add label and post title

Ciao for niao

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