Sunday, January 06, 2013

So - I found another kid before the end of the year...

Which is fun. As of noon one week ago Friday, I am the parent of 2 beautiful children (or one beautiful kid and one squawking monkey-sheep baby.) Some quick notes about our hospital stay welcoming Lachlan Keith Kilpatrick into the world.

Apparently Isabella is 'the' in name for girls this year, as evidenced from my informal survey of the baby name placards in the hall next to our room. (two out of three were named that.

I would like to make it clear to the world, or that subset of the world that can use Google, at least, that LN's *Uncle* Keith was the baby's namesake (that, and all of the Keith's on that side of the family.) (Sorry, other Keiths who may or may not include her little brother.) This is the uncle, by the by, who bought her a plane ticket to his daughter's wedding, allowing us to "re-meet" cute in New Orleans. And, therefore, bearing a full share of responsibility for this baby boy.

She's started stomping. It's really cute at this age, as she lifts her right calf parallel to the ground, before stamping it down. However, we are trying the 'zero-tolerance' route; please don't laugh, as tempted as you will be. Mom, Jody, and LN; I am talking to YOU. Also to myself.  This is a note to remind me that it didn't really start with the baby in the house, but a week or two earlier.

finally, we've been blessed to have family come to help while LN was on bed rest... My mom was really helpful in helping Fi get ready to have a baby brother. when fi walked into the hospital, she was looking for her friend, Lachlan.

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