Thursday, January 17, 2008

OK - when it rains, music pours

So - this post is inspired by the recent discovery by Scott Adams that song lyrics are, at best, nonsense when taken away from the catchy tune:
Recently I discovered I am a talented lyricist. This came as a big surprise to me.

It all came together when I realized most songs I enjoy are gibberish. I can TOTALLY write gibberish!

For decades I believed my favorite songs revolved around deep thoughts artistically embedded in metaphors and allusions. It turns out they were gibberish.

My first hint came after reading an interview with Paul McCartney. He admitted that most, if not all, Beatles songs were random words and thoughts strung together. I refused to believe it. So I checked online and read some of the Beatles songs. Holy crap! Gibberish!

He then came up with the first two lines of a song, and asked for the continuation, in a game of online storytelling:
“She had runaway eyes and marshmallow kittens.
My heart heard a dream like ten thousand gay mittens.”
My contribution is below - i feel like it scans OK, and meets the gibberish requirement. Tell me what you, the reader (listener?) think?

When first I saw her vast labrynthine beauty -
I could not believe it - she looked like Doug Flutie!

The comments to his posts are always worth it at least 10% of the time, and this was no exception - For i found this song. (FYI - it is really called "Title Of The Song." )

LN won't feel that it's a 'real song', whatever that means. But it matches my love of acapella with my love of funny songs (covers, whatever.) Such as what has to be one of the all time best funny songs, linked here. (link to the original version, but why?)

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