Thursday, April 19, 2007

Amazon - and New Cusak/Gerrold

So, I recieved an email from Amazon.
Greetings from
Because we reduced the price of your pre-release title between shipment (when we charged you) and the release date, you automatically received a refund.
$0.17 is your additional savings under Pre-Order Price Guarantee.
"Guitar Hero 2
Bundle" Video Games
Original Price: $89.99
Price you were charged:
Lowest price before release date: $89.82
Quantity: 1
savings: $0.17
Tax refunded: $0.00
We have initiated a refund of $0.17.
You will receive an additional email when this refund is processed.

As an Amazon stockholder, i really really hope that they don't mail me a check. Please.


LN has stolen this book from me, (first book of mine I could get her to read (apparently no time until the school year is over.) So they are making a movie. YAY!

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