Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lemony Snickett - the Musical! (not really) (but sorta)

ToneMan - you might already be aware of this, but the Lemony Snickett guy has released an album of songs to go with his delightfully depressing books. (PS- Very Tom Lerher, EverBabe and SuperMark)
Author Daniel Handler (better known as Lemony Snicket) plays accordion in A Tragic Treasury. The album features such dirges as "Scream and Run Away," "This Abyss" and "Smile, No One Cares How You Feel."
There's a link to the NPR show at the top, highly recommended. Best quote? " run run run run run. Or die. Die die die die die die."Thanks to Neil Gaiman for the heads up.

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Toneman said...

Hey man! I was aware of this, and have actually heard most of the songs - they're at the beginning and end of the audiobooks. The Gothic Archies do them, and they're brilliantly dark and funny. They did the music for Neil Gaiman's "Coraliine" audiobook as well. Brucking filliant!

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