Monday, September 25, 2006

OK - I live in Atlanta, and I am used to various wackiness from our local paper. But two different editions of this past Friday's paper showed two completely different takes on the game. By the same columnists. Only difference I could tell is that one edition was from nearer Buckhead, and the other from out in the 'burbs (Cobb County.) Maybe the lower one was later, after the two had time to reconsider their harsh words.

Words like: "
And here is the version still on the web.

Note the headline came from the more positive version, but the story is almost word for word at the top one.

What gives, AJC? (especially now that Tech is doing better than UGA this year...)

PS - sorry for the delay in posting here. Have been having interesting times, which I will fill you in on later.

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Anonymous said...

that is b/c ajc is a bunch of dumba$$ uga grads.