Sunday, July 23, 2006 -- Mapping your running routes has never been easier!

This is a pretty cool site that hooks into Google Maps and allows you to trace your walking/running route along either the streets or the

Dug... or Ogre... or MNO... or Brian - heck, almost any of my friends and family should find this useful, or at least neat. Well, any of my friends except EverBabe or SuperMark.

Why did *I* hook it up? Well, I went to eat toda (Indian lunch buffet yesterday, Chinese today) and got a fortune cookie: "Tomorrow is a good day to try something new." The combination of my realization that (a) it's always tomorrow somewhere and (b) Everbabe was proud of me when I started my 12 hour diet led me to think that the only way for me to get going is to Simply. Get. Going.

Anyhoo. Home Depot is about a 1.5 round trip walk for me. Good to know.

Thanks to Red (via KayRay) for this site.


JodyTheBad said...

People who go outside for any longer than absolutely necessary are not right in the head. TOOO HOT!!! (This is a public service announcement. In case you didn't notice the heat.)

BaxterWatch said...

1.5 what? miles? kilometers? gallons of gasoline? ice cream cones to sustain you?

units, please.

Sean said...

Have a favor to ask - please stop talking about my units.


BaxterWatch said...

that was funny.

in a 3rd grade kind of way.