Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sean's brush with celebrities at lunch, part 2

Since my last brush was with Weezie, you might be forgiven for forgetting about part 1. (that one was a lot less exciting than this one, as it merely involved sitting near her at Houlihan's during a large group lunch.) However, this one was VERY exciting to me, as it is my best example of local girl makes big (at least related to me.)

I've talked before about Jennifer Nettles, her two local bands (Soul Miner's Daughter and Jennifer Nettles Band,) and my brush with destiny. She's been more successful recently, even making a video with Jon Bon Jovi and being a leadsinger for Sugarland.

SO: while at lunch with EverBabe and SeanJrJr, I saw her. What did I do? Why, I acted perfectly cool and collected, of course, and treated her like someone who I went to high school with:

Me: "Jennifer?" (my standard trick for confirming I know someone's name)
She: {understandably confused} "...yes?"
Me: "Just wanted to say that I've known you since Soul Miner's Daughter days, and am very excited that things are going well for you."
She: "...Thank you?" (gesturing at the sleeping infant) "Is this your baby?"
Me: "No, just borrowing him for a bit."
She: {flee}

Dur dur durrrr.

In order to not appear like a COMPLETE idiot and stalker, I then spent the rest of the meal pointedly not looking at her. (yes, i recognize i still *am* a complete idiot - just didn't want to look like one.) Which brings us to another thing EB and I were talking about at lunch (pre-idiot, thank you.) Back to the Scott Adams blog:

A large part of being a big-time cartoonist involves live interviews on camera,
and giving speeches to large crowds. Those activities terrify people that have a
normal fear of embarrassment. Not me. If I’m going to embarrass myself, I want
witnesses, and lots of them. The entertainment value seems wasted if only one
person notices.

I couldn't agree more. Hence this post. (PS - this is what she looked like at lunch. )

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tfufu said...

Did she really "flee" as you put it or was that just the end of the conversation? It sounds like she doesn't have a sense of humor.