Saturday, January 14, 2006

Michael Knight - Pop Superstar

While you may have been aware of David's success amd superstardom overseas, it might be interesting to actually see it in action. It's a fun song, and I might just add it to my Kareoke list. Make sure you have some sound on, otherwise the music video(!) will lose a little.

This is some interesting synchronicity in DH timing. While I was in Florida for my cousin's New Year's Party (great party, by the way, Princess!) I got to catch up on some Broadway musicals. I've had the music for Jeckyl and Hyde for about a year, but it was hard to envision what was happening without having seen it before. Sadly, the version I got to see had Herr Hassellholf in the lead - bit of an overactor, believe it or not. Other than that, however, things went well.

Thanks to TheSuperficial for the pointer.


Simes said...

Have to say Sean, I prefer the Vonda Shepherd version ;-)



PS. You know, that crazy brit guy you met in September at Jody's house

Anonymous said...

Missheard song lyric of the day for sure. . . listening to the video I thought he said

"I'm hooked on a feeling, I just can't believe it. . . I'm so in love with me. . . ."

And if that was the case, it was going to become my FAVORITE. VIDEO. EVER!

But oh well. It's good anyway. =)